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(DNA Barcoding)


Our genetic identity analyzes represent an important resource for the agricultural sector, guaranteeing unparalleled safety and benefits. Through sophisticated DNA sequencing methods, we identify and compare the genetic profile of bacteria, fungi or plants. This makes it possible to ensure the traceability of the varieties, verify the genetic purity and protect the crops from contamination or fraud. Another important advantage is the possibility of recognizing pathogens with safety and speed, allowing timely and targeted action for the protection of crops. Our in-depth genetic analysis offers a solid basis for improving agricultural practices, contributing to your agricultural success in a reliable way.


Our cutting-edge genetic comparison analysis opens new horizons in the agricultural sector, providing invaluable advantages in the selection of new varieties and their protection. Using advanced DNA sequencing methods, we compare the genetic profile of different plant varieties, guaranteeing the traceability of the origins and the traceability of any contamination or genetic alterations.

With a science and technology-based approach, we identify desired characteristics to improve crops and develop varieties more resistant to disease and environmental stress. Our expert advice is based on the results of genetic analyses, offering valuable guidance for the optimization of agricultural practices and targeted resource management. We are the reliable partner to maximize the potential of your crops and ensure the prosperity of your agricultural business with innovative and safe solutions.

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Our commitment to genetic mutation analysis innovates the agricultural sector by focusing on the mutation rate during plant propagation, especially in micropropagation. Using advanced sequencing techniques of specific portions of DNA, we identify and analyze the genetic mutations that occurred during the propagation process.

These analyzes allow us to evaluate thegenetic stability of plant varieties and ensure that the desired characteristics are kept intact. We also identify any unwanted mutations that could affect agronomic performance or disease resistance.

Our consultancy is based on the results of genetic mutation analyses, providing fundamental support for selecting the best plants and guaranteeing the propagation of stable and high quality varieties. We are your reliable partner for targeted and safe genetic improvement of crops, promoting the lasting success of your agricultural business.

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